Saturday, February 28, 2009

Is Wikipedia Reliable?

Can anyone really trust what they find on Wikipedia? Just because it is one of the first reference websites to pop up on the internet when someone types it into a search engine doesn't mean that you will necessarily find accurate information there. Wikipedia, because it is a free reference source, has one huge drawback: anyone can make alterations to the articles, articles that too many people take as fact.

People who own specific companies, such as Walmart, can change things written about their business to make them seem too good to be true. In fact, they are. Changing or editing Wikipedia is not illegal. It was designed to be able to let anyone edit its content. Although some of the information found on Wikipedia is truthful, you can't ever completely trust what you read on this site. When referencing Wikipedia, it is good advice to check several other websites to make sure the information you are receiving is accurate. I would not recommend using Wikipedia when writing research papers, for instance. It is important that your sources for research or any other papers written for school are reliable, accurate, and non-debatable.

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