Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Fischbowl: The Best of 2007-November

After scanning several of "The Best of" blogs on The Fischbowl, I decided on the month of November. This particular blog caught my attention mostly because I know how important it is for teachers to keep their students up-to-date and current in all things technological, especially during their high school years. By clicking on , and selecting the best of November, "Why Wireless", you can read the blog in it's entirety.

In reading this blog, I found that Fisch gave several excellent reasons why schools should implement wireless internet. Aside from resources for writing research papers, gaining information on their subjects, sharing information with other students, etc., having any-time access to the web will keep the students who utilize the wireless system "lifetime learners". As Fisch states in his fifth paragraph, "they will need to learn how to learn". This means endless access to the world around them in the form of the internet. Wireless internet is not only beneficial to the students, but to the teachers and professors as well. There, teachers can read online professional journals to stay up-to-date and keep in touch with students, parents, and other teachers. I completely agree with Fisch in that all U.S. schools need to eventually include wireless internet in their computer labs.

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