Saturday, February 28, 2009

Dr. Alice Christie's Web Site: Useful to Educators?

If you type into your browser, you will be led to a terrific website designed to help teachers in all areas dealing with technology and the internet. Dr. Christie was a teacher for 25 years. She was Arizona State University President’s Professor Emeritus, and received her Ph.D. in Educational Technology and Language and Literacy from ASU. She has recently retired, but continues to help present and future educators through her knowledge in technology and language. If they were to click on the Educational Technology tab, teachers could find several resources for effectively using technology in the classroom with their K-12 students. There are many internet tools and resources, such as spreadsheets, podcasts, rubrics, and electronic portfolios, just to name a few.

The resource that I found to be particularly interesting, especially for educators with younger students, was the link pertaining to internet safety. I think it's extremely important for teachers to let their students know what the risks are in using the internet, especially with technology increasing at such a dramatic rate. Teachers need to warn students early on about the negative and positive effects of resources available on the internet. Dr. Christie gives teachers the links to several web-based presentations created by herself and other educators regarding cyber crimes. She sites the warnings and positive possibilities of podcasting, wikis, YouTube, blogs, instant messaging, and other social networking as well. Altogether, Dr. Christie's website is very useful to all educators teaching K-12. This site is one resource I'm sure I'll refer to again and again as both a student and a teacher.

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