Friday, January 30, 2009

Teachers Using Blogs in the U.S.

One of the first class blogs I found was located at Noel Elementary School in Noel, Missouri. If you type in in your browser, you will find a blog by Mr. C's fifth grade class. The class posted things like a book on water and dams they had been they had been reading and studying, and also a list of character traits of the main character, Stanley Yelnats, in the book "Holes". On January 21, 2009 they had posted pictures of the Barack Obama Inauguration and what had been going on in class that day. One of the photos was of the kids sitting in the classroom actually watchig the inauguration. Here is one of the pictures of a poster drawing one of the kids made:

obama poster

Another class blog in the U.S. was being used at Century Elementary school in Nixa, Missouri. If you go to you will find their class blog. Lori Elliott, the 5th grade teacher, maintained the site for her students. In this blog, the teacher posted things like power point presentations, photos,resources, parent help, and updates. If you select "Our Class" and then click on the PowerPoint link, you will see one of the presentations titled "Boys Will be Boys", created by Mrs. Elliott. If you select "Class Blog", also under "Our Class", you will see that Mrs. Elliott posted some pictures of her summer vacation there. Here are a couple:

cruise boat

beach sunset

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