Friday, January 16, 2009

About Me

Well, as you can tell from my blog my name is Jacquelyn. I first came to South two years ago in the Fall of 2006 as a transfer student from New Orleans, majoring in nursing. After only one semester, I decided that since my family was moving to Tennessee in December, I would move with them. We lived there only for about eighteen months, but when we went up there, since it was too late for me to transfer again, I got a job as a childcare provider in an all-summer/after school care program.

Now, I had worked with kids many times before: Bible school camps, babysitting my five younger siblings and other kids, etc., but this time, I came to the conclusion that I would be a teacher. I had considered going into education for awhile, and the daycare experience was my final push towards making that decision. So, we moved back down south to Mobile in September of 2008, and that's how I ended up back at South two years later. They supposedly have an excellent elementary education program here.

Some of my interests include reading and writing. I enjoy helping kids learn to read and reading to them as well. I have taken two psychology classes in my past college years, both of which I found quite interesting. I consider myself a little "technologically challenged", so I'm sure this class will help me out a lot with that aspect of teaching. As for my personal hobbies, I like photography and putting together photo albums. Music and movies are fun. My favorite types of music are old-school, classic rock, instrumental, soul, and jazz. I also love shoes more than anyone I know! My mom says I have a disease.

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