Monday, April 13, 2009

Experiences in Blogging

For this week's post, I chose to look over Johnie's blog, since she sits right behind me and we did our podcast together with Dr. Dodge. I like the idea of being able to view other classmates' blogs on the web because you can get a glimpse into how they interpret the same materials and information that is being learned at the same time you are learning it. It lets you see how they might think about things differently than you yourself might and gives you another possible perspective. This way, you can find out something else you may not have known previously and gain another classmate's perspective, becoming more open-minded in the process.

Another thing I think could be beneficial with blogging in the classroom is that it gives teachers the opportunity to communicate on yet another level with their students. Students loose papers, assignments, and class hand-outs all the time. By utilizing a class blog. the teacher can easily post homework assignments and other paperwork online so that their students can access it at any time and do not ever have an excuse for not knowing what they were supposed to do. Teachers can also post study guides, review materials and other things students may need in preparation for testing.

One great thing about class blogs is that teachers can also post changes to their schedules and syllabuses online. If there happen to be any changes, the students will instantly know, as long as they check the class blog regularly. This way, the students can also be aware of what is coming up next in class, and can better prepare by reading up on any texts they might need to refer to.

Another plus to class blogging is that it's so convenient for both students and teachers to keep in touch with one another on a regular basis. It cuts down on the need for phone calls, e-mails, letters and other things that could otherwise be very tedious or time consuming to deal with. Plus, it lets students explore new aspects of technology, and since it progresses every day, it has become a necessity to familiarize ourselves with these new tools. Why not utilize a very reliable, practical, and easily accessible resource? I hope more teachers in the future will see the benefits of class blogs and will make it an important tool in their teaching practices, in elementary, middle school, high school and beyond.

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